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From: bawdy pen
Subject: FOSTER DAD (M/t incest) FOSTER DAD by bawdypen “You sure you can handle this big piece of meat slamming in
all the way?” Pierce gasped, sitting onto the edge of the bed
and lifting the body to draw his wet cock out of the naked 21-
year-old’s bottom. When Pierce scooted onto the bed next to
him, Kenny leaned over and planted a big kiss on the greasy
knob before turning onto his side for a spoon fuck.
“I started out on a cock almost this big when I was 13. My
foster father talked his wife into getting a kid to care for.
All he really wanted was a boy to seduce. He’d try to catch me
naked, and go around half undressed himself…especially Lolitas Rompl
his wife wasn’t around. He always had little ‘accidents’ like
lifting his leg on the couch so his big cock flopped out. He’d
lay there watching television, pretending he wasn’t aware of
it. Or not closing the bathroom door all the way, and having a
huge erection while he sat on the toilet when I walked in.”
“Heh! What would he say?”
“Oops! usually, but he wouldn’t make any move to cover
himself. I guess he saw something in my eyes when I’d stare at
it, cause he got more brazen when I didn’t act frightened…or
say anything to Lolitas Rompl
his wife. Things heated up pretty quickly.”
“Horny bugger. What’d he do?”
“He cornered me in just a towel, coming from a shower. He
sat us down on my bed, and started to have a father-son sex
talk! He began nervously, because he’d obviously just thought
this up. Then he kinda shrugged and took a big breath, and
“Hell, Kenny, maybe I’m not good at this. I should tell you
all the bullshit about respecting girls and not being nasty…
and what marriage will be like. But what a kid like you wants
to know is…” He suddenly twisted my towel away, leaving me
naked!…”what to do with this!” He put his fingers on my penis
and tweaked it, smiling at me.
“Does it ever get hard, Kenny? Guess you’ve seen mine,
hunh? A man gets really big and stiff when he’s excited. You
ever get excited, Kenny? It’s called an erection…a hard-on
…boys call it a boner!”
“Um…s-sometimes when I have to pee,” I said.
“Sure, then. But doncha ever play with it? Feel yourself up
like this to get it hard? Guess you haven’t shot your juice
yet, hunh? Uh, listen, maybe the best way to explain this is to
show you.” He grabbed my hand and put it into Lolitas Rompl his crotch,
rubbing it against his stiffening cock. I was breathless, but
not scared. I felt it stirring in his loose sweatpants…
knowing he didn’t have any underwear on. My own thing was
feeling tingly from his manipulations.
“Yes, a practical demonstration will teach you much more
than some fancy words. Yeah, rub it good, Kenny. A man like me
gets a boner real quick. Don’t be afraid of it. Feel it getting
stiff?” I nodded, sneaking a peek up to his eyes. “Mmmm, let’s
see if we can get yours up, too.” He rubbed his hand over my
balls and dipped a finger down the crack between my legs…not
quite touching my butthole. He watched my hand stroking his
cock, then looked back at my genitals.
“Ah, do I feel some twitching down there?”
“I…I dunno. Feels funny. Kinda tickles. S-should we be
doing this? Is…is it what fathers and sons do?” I blushed
“W-well, d-depends,” he stuttered. “If a man’s not
inhibited, he can teach his boy like this…the Lolitas Rompl
way it should
be done. Helping his son discover the wonders of sex. Here,
reach in my pants and play with my balls. That’s where the jizz
comes from. You ever shoot a load? No? I’ll teach you how to
jack off your cock…by doing it on mine. But, hey, you must
feel awkward being all naked alone like that. Let me take these
He stood up and dropped his pants, checking out my
expression as his hard prick sprung up right in front of my
face! My eyes must have popped out, because he chuckled confi-
dently. He leaned over and put my hand back on his massive
erection…working it back and forth a bit.
“Say, buddy…” he looked down at my crotch, “is that
little fellow getting bigger? We got a nice boner in the
making?” He knelt down and pushed my legs apart, grabbing my
cock and working it. Sure enough, my dick was getting stiff! He
felt me up–looking fascinated by it.
I was too. I was getting one of those really hard ones that
I get after seeing his big thing. He sat back up on the bed,
keeping his hand wrapped around my dick. This time I didn’t
need any coaxing. I reached over and took hold of his big meat.
“It’s called masturbation, son,” he grinned, enjoying
giving me this helpful instruction. “Jerking off. Boys your age
do it all the time. Do it to each other, too, among other
“R-really? Like what?” I asked, intrigued.
“Well…blowjobs for one. You know what a blowjob is,
“I think so,” I gulped. “Is that when somebody kisses it?”
He laughed. “No. When somebody kisses it, that’s called a
kiss. Would you like to give mine a kiss?”
“Uh…I suppose. If it’s alright.”
“More than alright, Kenny. I’ll give yours a kiss, too.”
He put his hand behind my neck and eased me down to his
crotch. When I was face to face with it, I wasn’t so sure. The
head was all wet–from my squeezing it, I guess. I was about to
comment on it, when he grabbed my cock-filled hand and bent his
cock to my lips! So I went ahead and kissed it. I didn’t like
it, because it was all gooey. But when I sat up, I tasted my
lips. It was kinda nice…sorta like snot. He bent right over
and returned the favor. Now my peckerhead was wet. He’d planted
a big smooch on it…all over the head.
“That was fun, wasn’t it?” he grinned.
I shrugged. “What was that stuff? Tasted like snot!”
“Heh! Does a little, hunh? That’s the stuff that leaks out
before you shoot your load. You wanna see me shoot my load,
“Which takes us back to blowjob. A blowjob is the best
honor you can bestow on another fellow. Shows you love and
respect him. Helps a lot to get that load ready to shoot, too.
You wanna try it?”
“W-what do I have to do?”
“Well, you lick all up and down the shaft, here, then you
take it in your mouth and suck on it. As much of it as you
“WHAT? THAT’S WHAT COCKSUCKERS DO!…isn’t it?” I wasn’t
sure, but I’d heard something like that.
“Well…yes…but that’s different. Cocksuckers go around
sucking on any old cock. Sometimes they pull a boy into an
alley and pull his pants down and suck his pecker off,” he
explained. “And then the little bastards want a dollar or
two,” he muttered to himself.
“Oh, nothing. It’s just different between guys like us.
We’ll do it for love. It won’t be dirty for us.”
“Us? Y-you’ll do it to me, too?”
“Well sure, Sport. How else can I teach you? Maybe you
can’t squirt yet, but we’ll just keep at it til you can.
Course, you hafta realize it’s a ‘man thing’. Women don’t
understand it. So you’d best not mention it to your mother,
“Okay, I won’t.” Boy, was I naive!
“Good! Now why don’t you kneel down between my legs and
start licking my shaft. Oh, it shows special respect if you
lick a guy’s balls. But you can leave that til next time if you
want. I’ll show you how it’s done properly…they’re very
I was glad he’d said later. That was something he hadn’t
mentioned, and the thought of licking his hairy things was
grody! But the more I held his cock–and looked at it–I was
kinda excited about sucking it! I got down on the Lolitas Rompl floor. He
spread his legs wide apart as I moved in between them. When I
put my face up close to his cock this time, I could really
smell him. It was…weird! Sweaty ‘n manly. I liked it. Must
have come from his balls. No wonder he wanted them licked!
“Yeah, get right in there, Kenny.”
He used both hands to pull my face onto his cock. The
smooth skin was neat. Even the big veins felt nice as he
brushed them across my lips. I stuck out my tongue and tasted
it. Within seconds I was licking it all over! The underside,
the topside…even one quick swipe across his balls. He was
moaning and urging me on–leaning back on his elbows watching
me. I took full control, holding it tightly and rubbing it over
my mouth. That snot stuff was leaking a lot, and I kept licking
it up and kissing his knob. I looked up at him.
“Can I Lolitas Rompl show you respect now?”
“Heh, anxious to get it in your mouth, hunh?” he grinned.
“I know that feeling, Ken. Blow me, baby! Suck the fuck outta
my big prick! Damn, I can’t wait til you can come, too!”
I was a bit startled at his cussing…but it seemed to fit.
Anyway, I didn’t waste any more time getting that big thing in
my mouth!
When I think back on it–and the way I acted that first
time–I know I was destined to have a cock in my mouth. Naked,
on my knees, I was the epitomy of a horny blowboy. I hadn’t
even liked him that much before then, but suddenly I respected
the hell out of him!
It was so exciting having that fat thing in my mouth, and I
liked the way I could make him squirm and gasp with little
flicks of my tongue. I didn’t realize then that I could Lolitas Rompl
been the world’s worst cocksucker, and he still would have
enjoyed it. Just having a young boy between his legs–slobber-
ing on his cock–was thrill enough. Being good drove him out of
his mind!
I couldn’t take all that much of it, but what I could I
sure gave the treatment to! He pulled me off at one point and
lifted me up. He got down and began to suck my pecker! I was
stiff, and he remarked happily about it. He also licked all
over my balls and took them both into his mouth. It all tickled
really nice. Then he did a crazy thing I just couldn’t believe!
“I’ll explain what this is about later,” he looked up at me
with funny eyes and turned me around by the hips. “Bend way
over, Kenny. See how you like this.”
I obeyed, and gasped loudly. He’d pulled my butt apart and
was licking my poophole! He kept saying how great it smelled
and tasted! YECK! But it felt the best of all…especially when
he tried Lolitas Rompl to push his tongue up inside. But I flinched and
tightened automatically…for the first and last time in my
life. He chuckled, and finally stopped.
“Baby, do I ever respect and love you!” he winked, sitting
back on the bed. “Suck me some more. I’ll be ready to show you
how I shoot real soon.” He put his legs up over my shoulders
this time, using his heels to gently hold me captive.
Not like I needed any coaxing. This time I tried his hairy
balls. The smell was even more exciting than before, and I went
ape over them! He was making funny sounds–watching me with
lust in his eyes and rocking Lolitas Rompl his butt so his dripping balls
went up and down over my slobbering mouth. It was almost
imperceptible to me, but each time he’d rise higher and higher,
until I was licking beneath them–over his perineum.
Then he pulled a fast one! Digging his heels into my Lolitas Rompl
he lifted higher and mashed my frantic lips over his asshole! I
already knew I was smelling Lolitas Rompl
it, but didn’t mind too much. NOW I
WAS TASTING IT! In a hundred thousand million years I never
would have licked his butthole. But his excitement was
contagious…and, I didn’t have much choice.
cried. Then he started to growl roughly, scaring me. “EAT ME,
He was wild and thrashing so much he couldn’t really keep a
severe grip on me. It didn’t matter. I liked what I was doing.
Being naked and on my knees smelling and licking a man’s dirty
spot! I thought about turds coming out of there all the time,
but that only made me crazy to go deeper! It was big, and he
was so opened up, I got my tongue all the way in. Neither one
of us could believe how I was licking out his hole! He would
have left me like that longer, but his cock was ready to
explode. He lowered his legs.
“Jerk on it, Kenny. Jerk me off. I’m gonna come. Pound it
real hard like that! Yeh! OH! OH! OH! SEE IT SQUIRT?!”
I stared wide-eyed, and pulled his cockmeat up and down.
White stuff was spraying all over the place..even in my face!
The gooey stuff was running down over my fingers, and he pushed
it into my mouth for his last bolts.
“Suck! Lick it off and swallow it!” he growled, forcing me
When he finally let me up, I had tears in my eyes. I wiped
my mouth off and glared at him. “You didn’t have to do that! I
woulda done it.”
“Oh, sorry, baby.” He hugged me to him, pulling me up over
his naked body, kissing my cheek while his hands fondled my
little bottom. “Guess I just got a little excited there. I know
you woulda done it. You liked it, didn’t you?”
“I…I think so.” I sniffled, then lifted my head. “Boy,
that sure was a gusher!”
“Heh. Wait’ll you see the next one!”
I never got to see the next one. The next one he shot up my
butt! It took a long time of licking me and putting a finger up
there, but I finally let him try it. It hurt like the dickens,
that’s for sure! And luckily he did it quickly cause I’d sucked
it a lot while he had his tongue up my hole. I licked his hole,
too. I was really getting to like that. And even though it
hurt, something felt good, too. Enough that I let him try it
again a couple of days later. It hurt…but not as bad. And
each time got easier, so that when we were alone I’d easily
flip my legs in the air and let him put his big dick up my ass!
Maybe I was getting some feelings right from the start. It
was just a couple of months later that my dick started really
tingling strangely while he fucked me. I started to scream for
him to do it harder. I even said FUCK ME! He really went to
town when I said that. And that’s when I shot my first load.
Big streams of jizz shot out the end of my prick while he had
my bottom fully stuffed.
Then it really got good. I wanted fucked all the time, and
he’d make me hold off so he could blow me afterward. He even
let me fuck him. I guess I wasn’t doing much but tickle him,
but he made out like it was a big deal. Like he really had a
big mandick up his ass.
Usually, we’d start out with me sitting on his face. He’d
say the best thing to begin with is a good buttwash! He didn’t
want to me wash it first, either. He said he enjoyed it better
if he could taste a bit of flavor! That always made me giggle.
Then one day he was so horny and driving his tongue up there
like crazy, he said if I knew we were gonna get together some
day that I should poop and not wipe! That woulda grossed me out
earlier, but by then I was used to his weird ideas. He’d
already sucked his own cum out of my butt a few times before
I did what he said, and didn’t wipe. He wanted me to lick
his hole Lolitas Rompl while he did it. I told him not if it was dirty! That
I didn’t mind if it was a little bit stinky, but I didn’t want
it like mine was. He said he wouldn’t do that to me, so I
licked it. It was okay, but he sure did go nuts over mine! He
had me do that until I was 18.
“EIGHTEEN! You were still at it with him?”
“Oh, yeah. Hell, I still stop by once in a while to get
that big cock up my ass!”
“Speaking of big cocks. Your story’s got me all riled up
“Well, throw my legs up, man. Let’s see if you can rattle
my teeth Lolitas Rompl this time!”
“You bet, baby. Think I might try that jizz-sucking out of
your hole, too. You sure got a sweet bottom!”
“Yeah? Want me to stop wiping?” he laughed.
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